Busy Momís 4 Week Menu Plan


This ebook is more about good planning to save you time rather than how to cook fast and easy.  These menu plans and recipes are not so much about how to use convenience foods to make your life easier, but rather how to use wholesome foods, along with a little pre-planning and organizing to make meal time a simple process for you.  

I found over the years that my biggest obstacle to getting a simple meal served without spending all day in the kitchen was a lack of good planning.  I learned over time how to make this area of my life work more efficiently.  I think menu planning is one of the most valuable tasks for women to learn.  It is worth the time and effort to serve our families in this way.  Food, shopping and cooking play a large part of our lives and has a spot right up at the top of our priority list.  We as homemakers need to be able to focus on meals that are budget friendly, healthy and a valuable use of our time.   

This menu plan is broken down into 2 separate menus, each lasting 2 weeks long.  Each 14 day menu begins with the dayís menu plan and has instructions and recipes on how to prepare the meals in order to make your life flow more smoothly.  I wrote these menus so that they could be printed out day-by-day with each dayís instructions and the recipes on one handy page. 

What makes the ebook unique is that it has day-today helps and instructions so you will know when to do what, how much to cook and how much to set aside for another meal, etc..  This will hopefully help to free your time to focus on other homemaking and family tasks and to give you a sense of control in this important area.  No more panicking at 4:00 wondering what is for dinner and having to give in and buy a ready made dinner. 


After the menus you will find a grocery list of needed items for each menu. 


Included with this ebook is a recipe for Whole Wheat Muffin Mix that is used throughout the menus as well as a Gravy Mix and a Homemade Hamburger Helper Mix.  There are lots of new recipes that have not been used in previous ebooks!