Cooking With Beans!


Looking for a little help in easing grocery costs? Try serving more beans. Beans are an excellent quality, frugal food for your family. If you have not cooked with beans or had less than satisfactory results cooking beans then this ebook may help!

This ebook is a compilation of all my bean cooking information: nutritional information, tips on cooking beans, to soak or not to soak, and of course, recipes! 

I have also included step by step instructions with pictures on how to cook a delicious pot of beans along with 4 different photo tutorials on making some delicious low cost bean meals.

The ebook contains over 40 recipes to feed your family everything from main dishes to soups to crockpot meals and even baked goods!


The cost of this ebook is $8.00 and is an instant download after purchasing through Paypal.

You can also pay by check and I will send you the ebook when I receive your order (order form).


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