Crystal, I just had to post this for the other ladies. Thank you so much.

Ladies, I just have to sing the praises of Crystal's soap. Let me give you a little background first. I am a natural redhead, I have very fair, extremely sensitive skin. I also have a type of eczema on my scalp. I have tried everything on the market to get rid of the eczema. Shampoo makes it worse, so does conditioner. On the other hand, my hair itself is dry and brittle, so I always "needed" conditioner. My scalp itches so much that I find I scratch in my sleep and end up with scabs. A few years ago I switched to natural shampoos from a healthfood store, it didn't help. My skin being so sensitive is a huge problem too. Almost everything makes me break out. Lately I had been using an Aveno oatmeal bar to wash my face. It dried my face out so much that the skin was flaking off. Now on to the good news! I have been using Crystal's soap for 3 days. My skin is soft and moisturized, without any extra moisturizer! My scalp is improving tremendously. The itching is minimal now and I can actually comb my hair! I also use the vinegar rinse she recommended and don't "need" conditioner anymore. I just wanted to share this with all of you. I love her products and am so thankful that she has the ability to share them with us. I highly recommend them to the rest of you. And Crystal...thanks a million!  - Tiffani



I have been using Crystal's soaps for about 6 months and have not used anything else ....I was a big Oil of Olay Bar fan!!!

I have given Crystal's soaps as gifts and I always get questions, where did you get this, how do I get it...etc.

I have recently starting using the shampoo bar - and it is the greatest - my hair is very dry and brittle and I love this shampoo - it lathers so well!!....and the smell is awesome!!!!

But probably more importantly than anything is that I know a lot of care and love go into this product and I can trust what is in it!!

I doubt I ever buy store bought soap again!!!

Thanks Crystal....


Donna in Louisiana


I also love Crystal's soap.  I have very sensitive skin and have struggled with eczema for years!  After using Crystal's soap I no longer have any problems!  I just recently using the shampoo bar and am very impressed!

Thanks Crystal!



I haven't used the shampoo soap but I do have her Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap and I just ordered 3 more bars because my hubby and me love them so much!!!! 




We also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Crystal's soaps!!!  And, we love her lotions, her aprons, rice heating pads and lip balm. 

Tiffani, thanks for starting this thread!!! said it so perfect.....thinking of all the love and care that goes into her products!!!  I love thinking like that.

Crystal...thank you so much for all your lovely things in your country them ALL!!!




I came across Crystal's site and so grateful I did! I tried the shampoo bars and my hair hasn't looked this good in years! It was such a dramatic improvement that I immediately stocked up with her shampoo bars LOL. Also now my friends have noticed my hair and how shiny and healthy it is. I've been letting them try a bar and so I had to replenish my stock because I was giving out so many LOL.

I don't cut my hair....not even trim it and haven't since 1999 (just my personal conviction).....and now after using Crystal's shampoo bars you can't see any split ends and the ends are so moisturized and nice looking!

I use the apple cider vinegar rinse and do my last rinse with distilled water to get the hard water/iron out. I have a perm and its amazing how my curls hold better now and how much volume I have and the softness!

Just wanted to share my personal experience with the bars! Thanks Crystal!!





have been using Crystal's lavender shampoo bar for a month or so. At first I did get a lot of residue. My hair looked kind of greasy and I wasn't really liking it. As soon as I started with the vinegar rinse it went away. Now my hair is as soft and shiny as my teenagers' hair. I will be 45 next month and my hair hasn't looked this good in years. Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but I really love this shampoo bar and will never go back to the stuff I used before. Thanks for the great product, Crystal