New eBook from The Family Homestead!!

Freezer Cooking with Meal Starters:
Take the Stress Out of a Busy Day by being Prepared!

You can take added steps out of dinner preparations by having some foods ready to go in your freezer. This is not making whole dinners for the freezer; this is easier and more flexible! You use basic mixes of meat, beans and/or rice and turn these into quick and delicious meals for your family.

In this 40+ page eBook you fill find recipes for the basic meal starters

Hamburger Mix
Beef Mix
Chicken Mix
Ham Mix
Bean Mix

And a few extra recipes that come in handy..

Plus I give you lots of recipes for using these basic mixes. Everything from tacos to spaghetti to beef stew, to delicious chicken recipes and more. And a printable freezer inventory chart is included…



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