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Handmade Soap:
A Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial
By Crystal Miller


This eBook will teach you how to make soap step-by-step!

This 45 page eBook includes photo tutorials on making 3 different types of soap. I walk you through the entire soap making process in pictures!

I show you how to make Crystal’s Basic Three Oil Soap to begin with



Then I teach you how to make Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap using canned goat milk


And finally I show how easy it is to make soap to use in making homemade laundry soap (you can find my recipe for making homemade laundry soap here: You can substitute this soap for the Fels Naptha soap that the recipe calls for.



Plus I give online you resources for ordering soap making supplies.


This eBook is an automatic download and the cost is $10.00

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