New eBook From The Family Homestead!

Managing a Home:
Tips, Organizational Advice and Practical
How-Tos from a Mother of 8

This 60+ page eBook is packed with helpful information laid out in an organized manner. I cover many topics such as setting priorities, making a home, organizing and dealing with clutter, tips on being a frugal homemaker and much more. I share my own homemaking journey along the way and I how I went from knowing virtually nothing about managing a home to being the mother of 8 children and running a household.



Chapters Include:

Chapter 1: Managing a Home
Chapter 2: Priorities, the Place to Start
Chapter 3: Home Management and Making a Home
Chapter 4: Tools for Home Management
Chapter 5: The Battle for Clutter Control and Organized Living
Chapter 6: Basic Tools of the Trade
Chapter 7: The Frugal Homemaker
Chapter 8: The Kitchen
Chapter 9: Time for Refreshment



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