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The Family Homestead eBook Collection (currently only available as an eBook)      

Home Organization on CD!!




How to Make Whole Wheat Bread: A Homemaking Class on CD   $8.00  

The Above CD's are now available as an eBook instant download.  Once I receive your order I will send out your eBook to your email address.

eBook: The Family Homestead eBook Collection   $11.00  
eBook: How to Make Whole Wheat Bread: A Homemaking Class   $5.00  
eBook: Home Organization Printables ~coming soon~      
 eBook:  Cooking With Beans  (I will send you the ebook via email after receiving your order)   $8.00  
 eBook: Managing a Home  (I will send you the ebook via email after receiving your order)   $12.00  
eBook: Freezer Cooking with Meal Starters!   $9.00  
eBook: Handmade Soap   $10.00  
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Soaps: Please indicate which Goat Milk Soap scents you would like in the space provided on order form below      
Goat's Milk Soap (not including specialty soaps)   $3.50  
 Goat Milk Specialty Soaps (Lavender w/flower buds, Rose w/petals, Oatmeal, Milk $ Honey)   $3.75  
Rosemary Shampoo Bar    $3.75  
Lavender Shampoo Bar    $3.75  
Shaving Soap   $4.25  
Shaving Brush   $4.00  
Laundry Soap      
Laundry Soap Kit:   Fresh & Clean Scented       Orange & Lemongrass        (please circle your choice)    $4.50  
Laundry Soap:  Fresh & Clean Scented    Orange & Lemongrass   (please circle your choice)    $2.25  
Snuggly Soft Baby
Soap: Baby Powder Scent $3.75
Soap: Lavender Scent $3.75

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